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Superb 4/5 Bed Family Home with Sunny SW Garden, Waterford
Superb 4/5 Bed
Sunny SW Garden
Ballinrobe, Mayo.  Luxury Property overlooking Golf Course
Ballinrobe, Mayo
Luxury Property
Overlooks Golf Course

Must View!
Westport, Co. Mayo.  Superb Location.  Nestled under Croagh Patrick, views of Clew Bay
Westport, Mayo
4 Bed Bungalow
plus Chalet

Superb Location

House for Sale Castletroy, Limerick
Castletroy, Limerick
4 Bed Detached
Popular Location

Spacious Modern Residence, Warners Lane, Ranelagh
4 Bed Spacious Modern Residence
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New Mortgage Rules Announced January 2015
For first time buyers, banks will be able to lend 90 per cent up to a value of 220,000.

Selling Prices of All Houses will be Revealed February 2012
THE real prices of all houses sold over the past two years is set to be revealed in the coming months.

Average house prices fall below €200,000 Nov 8th 2010
The average price of a house dipped below €200,000 for the first time since 2002, new figures reveal.


National price of houses hits 2002 levels Oct 21st 2010
Average National house prices are at 2002 levels, falling a further 1.3% in the third quarter of 2010.

Home Choice Loan: An option for first time buyers Sept 16th 2010
IF you have been trying and failing to get approval for a mortgage in recent months, you might not be aware of a Government run mortgage loan scheme called Home Choice Loan (HCL).

Home Choice Loan: An option for first time buyers Sept 16th 2010
IF you have been trying and failing to get approval for a mortgage in recent months, you might not be aware of a Government run mortgage loan scheme called Home Choice Loan (HCL).

Ahern announces new property price database Aug 10th 2010
The Minister for Justice and Law Reform, Dermot Ahern, announced today the establishment of a new property database reflecting market trends and house prices.

Mortgage lenders to impose spate of rate hikes July 20th 2010
A string of lenders are going to hike interest rates on mortgages within weeks, the Irish Independent has learned.

Irish property market delivers first quarterly positive in 2 years May 2010
The Irish commercial real estate market had delivered it's first positive quarterly return in two years, with a modest 0.4% in the first 3 months of this year.

Beat the banks; lock in or pay for it! 6th Apr 2010
With mortgage rates set to rise by 1.5pc this year, homeowners who can lock into a rate of 4pc or less are urged to do so, before it's too late!

First-time buyers plan purchase this year 29th Mar 2010
The majority of prospective first-time buyers feel now is a good time to purchase a home, despite fears about losing their jobs, new research shows.

Win a 2 bed home for €20 14th Mar 2010
A desperate homeowner is launching a €20-a-go competition to get rid of his apartment after failing to find a buyer.

First-time buyers to test-drive purchases 24th Feb 2010
First-time buyers will be allowed to test drive new homes before deciding to buy under a new scheme aimed at shifting stocks of unsold council housing units.

Banks 'helping 30,000 mortgage holders' 11th Feb 2010
Banks are working with thousands of home owners struggling to keep up with their mortgage repayments. Director Anne-Marie speaks to News of The World 17th Jan 2010 Director Anne-Marie Doyle speaks to News of The World about why "There's no secret to being an agent."

House price slump starting to stabilise 14th Jan 2010
House prices fell back last year to figures last seen in 2003 but the rate of decline is slowing down, new figures reveal.

Tips for first time buyers 21st Dec 2009
Some considerations should be taken into account in order for you to get the most out of your investment in the current property market.

Budget 2010: 'Worst is over. We have turned a corner'. 10th Dec 2009
Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has called on taxpayers to rediscover their "optimism and self-belief" after delivering one of the toughest budgets in living memory.

Second-hand home buyers can now use State scheme 7th Dec 2009
The Government extends the State mortgage scheme, for those who cannot get a home loan from the Banks, to include second-hand home buyers. Irish house prices to August 2009
The well known business & finance portal gives a run down of house price depletion up to August of this year & also includes a link to an article by David Duffy of the ESRI discussing the measurement of house price change.

Committee to address debt and mortgage arrears 19th Nov 2009
The Government has agreed to set up a special cabinet committee of several ministers to address growing concern over personal debt and mortgage arrears.

Five more years budget pain 12th Nov 2009
Five more years of excruciating budgets similar to this year's lie ahead for the country in an effort to get the state's finances under control.

Commercial property market stabilising after hard downturn 3rd Nov 2009
Some sectors of the Irish property market are starting to show signs of increased transaction volumes after an extremely diffeicult year, according to analysts.

Mortgage holders paying 50pc less than in 2006 22nd Oct 2009
House prices and mortgage rates have fallen so far that homeowners are now handing over up to 50pc less to meet mortgage payments.

Lenders piling on debt misery with mortgage arrears penalty 14th Oct 2009
Mortgage lenders were accused of piling misery on struggling homeowners yesterday as it emerged that they were imposing stiff penalties on people late with repayments.

Extending mortgage by 10 years can add extra 50,000 to final bill 6th Oct 2009
Homeowners will pay an extra €50,000 by extending the term of their mortgage by 10 years.

Cost of home improvements plummets 50pc in two years 16th Sept 2009
The cost of getting home extensions & repairs done has plummeted by over 50pc in the last two years.

Property discounts luring buyers back into market 10th Sept 2009
Residential property price discounts in Ireland may be luring buyers back into the market, according to the latest analysis by real estate consultants.

New homes levy proposed but stamp duty will be phased out 21st Aug 2009
The Commission on Taxation has called for property taxes to be levied on all homes in the State, with a few minor exemptions.

House price drop will continue for another year 12th Aug 2009
House prices here are set to continue falling for another 12 months and will, by then, have fallen 45pc from their peak in 2007, according to National Irish Bank (NIB) chief Andrew Healy.

Enraged mortgage holders want loan transfers 29th July 2009
Furious homeowners enraged by Permanent TSB's interest rate hike have been contacting mortgage brokers seeking to switch their loans.

First-time buyers can get the best value in 13 years 1st July 2009
Houses for new buyers are the most affordable since 1996, a new survey indicates.

House prices plunge even further 21st May 2009
Almost €200m was wiped off the value of homes in price reductions in less than a month by sellers desperate to offload their properties.

Homeowners in seventh heaven as ECB to cut rates again 6th May 2009
The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to cut rates again tomorrow in what will be the seventh cut in seven months. Irish house prices to February 2009
The well known business & finance portal gives a run down of house price depletion up to February of this year.

Interest rates to hit 1% 31st Mar 2009
Homeowners are in line for significant mortgage reductions when the European Central Bank (ECB) slashes interest rates.

AIB says it's cheaper to but than rent 19th Mar 2009
AIB has upped the ante in a battle amoung the banks for first time buyers, who are being told it is now much cheaper to buy than rent.

€2bn loan fund for first time buyers 17th Feb 2009
The country's two biggest banks are to make €2 billion available to first-time buyers as part of a drive to stimulate the housing market.

Fresh hope for home buyers as builders underwrite price falls 11th Feb 2009
One of the countrie leading banks is to launch a new mortgage with built-in protection against negative equity.

Fresh rate cut eases burden on homeowners 6th Feb 2009
Mortgage holders are set to benefit from a welcome drop in their monthly repayments after the European Central Bank signalled a further 0.5pc cut in interest rates.

A mortgage plan that will save a whole generation 28th Jan 2009
What will happen to mortgages when unemployment rises to 15pc? How many first-time buyers, who bought at the top of the boom, will default? Or could some lateral thinking create a win-win situation for the the State & first time-buyers alike!

Mortgages to fall by an average of €82 15th Jan 2009
Good news for homeowners as mortgages are set to fall by an of €82 per month & Taoiseach Brian Cowen states: 'the slump could come to a halt this year'.

Take holidays or save with lenders offering flexible payment 15th Dec 2008
A number of lenders offer flexible mortgage products that allow you to make regular or lump-sum overpayments and take payment holidays.

Further cuts likely as rate falls to 2.5% 5th Dec 2008
The bank lowered its key interest rate by the most on record yesterday, by three quarters of a percentage point, to 2.5%.

Homeowners in line for rate cut bonus this week 1st Dec 2008
Beleaguered Irish homeowners with outstanding mortgages could look forward to an interest rate cut.

Budget 2009: A Trick or a Treat for the property market 31st Oct 2008 Director & Founder, Anne-Marie Doyle discusses the impact of the budget on the property market at large.

A little mortgage tax relief 21st Oct 2008
Brian Lenihan gave first-time buyers a Budget boost with an increase in the mortgage tax relief they can claim.

State loan 'will not distort housing prices' 16th Oct 2008
Minister Brian Lenihan last night denied the Government was set to become a "sub-prime lender".

Bank charges to rise, mortgage rates to fall 2nd Oct 2008
Bank charges are set to spiral as a result of the state guarantee for four domestic banks and two building societies.

How will the Budget impact first-time buyers? 9th Sept 2008
The budget has been brought forward by two months in response to the deteriorating economic situation.

Glimmer of hope as house prices show smallest fall in 18 months 2nd Sept 2008
The downturn in house prices slowed significantly in July with a monthly drop of just 0.2pc.

ECB could lower interest rates 'by early next year' 27 Aug 2008
One International Analyst has predicted that interest rates could start falling as early as January.

Housing Scheme: a leg on the property ladder 01 Aug 2008
Affordable housing scheme option offers a leg up on the property ladder.

Number of new homes at lowest level in five years 31 July 2008
The number of new homes being built has fallen to the lowest level in five years.

Mortgage Agony Mounts 01 July 2008
Mortgage costs yesterday climbed to their highest level in seven years, just days before the announcement of yet another interest rate hike.

House prices face 22% drop in value 13 June 2008
House prices could lose a quarter of their value from their February 2007 peak by the end of next year.

Gloomy outlook: 40pc say house prices to fall 10 June 2008
Consumers are becoming more gloomy with four out of 10 expecting house prices to fall further this year, a new survey shows.

On The House : House Insurance Competition 22 April 2008
Competition among home insurance providers heats up as they try to outdo each other.

Housing woes put growth at near zero, 13 April 2008
House completions have fallen to their lowest level in five years, new figures reveal.

House building plunges to lowest level in five years, 07 April 2008
House completions have fallen to their lowest level in five years, new figures reveal.

State loses €400m in stamp duty loophole, 07 April 2008
Property developers have seized on a stamp duty loophole leading to annual exchequer losses of up to half a billion euro, it emerged last night.

Spare cash is best spent on overpaying the mortgage, 01 April 2008
IF you have spare cash, should you put it on deposit or pay off your mortgage? It is a question that is asked many times and it sometimes generates different answers, but it is worth considering as we enter financially tighter times.

Fees up but Europe's agents cost more, 27 March 2008
Remember the furore when Sherry FitzGerald announced that it would be putting up its fees to 1.5 per cent because the slowing market meant it could no longer sustain the low fees created by the boom years?

Residential developments need rethink, 26 March 2008
The slowdown in the residential property market is having a knock-on effect on the value of sites and developers now need to undertake a complete rethink when master-planning a residential development.

Cost of building has doubled in the last ten years, 18 March 2008
Construction prices more than doubled over the past ten years, rising 60pc from 1995-2000 in the early years of the national development plan, and by 47pc since then.

Shortfall in new-home construction may push prices back up, 12 March 2008
Just 37,000 houses may be built next year as builders hold back on developments. And that could lead to price hikes, the Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) conceded yesterday.

Building activity is down for third month in a row, 10 March 2008
Conditions in the Irish construction industry continued to deteriorate significantly in February and fell to a new low for the third month running, according to new figures from Ulster Bank.

Inflation too high for ECB to consider interest cuts, 07 March 2008
Inflation is too high for the European Central Bank to consider cutting interest rates yet, its president Jean-Claude Trichet signalled yesterday.

Housing market worst in Europe for falling prices, 06 March 2008
Ireland's housing market was the worst performing of any European country price-wise in 2007, with prices falling an estimated 7pc, or 10pc in real terms.

Economists expect ECB will hold rates, 05 March 2008
The European Central Bank will keep interest rates unchanged at tomorrow's governing council meeting, but the ECB is expected to start cutting rates in the second quarter, according to a poll of economists.

House price fall continues but rate of decline slows, 03 March 2008
HOUSE prices fell at the slowest rate in four months in January. But the 0.7pc drop was enough to leave national prices more than 8pc down on January last year.

Irish housing stock for sale still rising, 25 Feb 2008
There have been anecdotal reports over recent weeks suggesting somewhat of an improvement in sales activity in the Irish housing market.

Buyers reclaim the market, 17 Feb 2008
With the change in the property market, the first-time buyer now has choice and clout when hunting for a home.

First-time buyers breathe life into property sector, 14 Feb 2008
THE worst could be over for the housing market.

Houses becoming more affordable as confidence rises, 14 Feb 2008
HUGE numbers of first-time buyers are continuing to purchase homes, spearheading hopes of an upturn in the flagging property market.

Building activity slowing at record pace, 11 Feb 2008
Activity in the construction sector here fell for the third month in a row in January.

House price cuts lure buyers, 10 Feb 2008
Slowly but surely, reductions in asking prices are beginning to tempt buyers back into the property market.

Most first-time buyers are purchasing on their own, 02 Feb 2008
OVER half of all first-time buyers are now buying on their own, according to a recent national survey by the Real Estate Alliance.

Price slump wipes €24,000 off value of the average house, 01 Feb 2008
House prices plummeted by more than 7pc last year -- wiping €24,000 off the value of the average house.

Solicitor fees for conveyancing go through the roof , 01 Feb 2008
IRELAND is now the fifth most expensive country of 20 European states for conveyancing. A new EU report also reveals it is twice as expensive to have conveyancing carried out here than it is in the UK.

Mortgage rate cut on cards as shares dive , 23 Jan 2008
Homeowners are poised to benefit from the first cuts in interest rates for four-and-a-half years, as a direct result of global stock market turmoil.

IAVI Annual Property survey shows dramatic price falls in market, 20 Jan 2008
The Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute (IAVI) has seen a dramatic fall in property prices in its annual property survey, it announced today.

CIF plans campaign to reverse house sales slump, 20 January 2008
The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is preparing to launch a campaign to counter the downturn in house sales, as building workers continue to be laid off.

Landlords see falling house prices as investment opportunity, 16 January 2008
Buy-to-let loans rose dramatically at the end of last year, accounting for a surprising 39.55% of all mortgages in December 2007, compared with just 17.9% in December 2006.

Building activity at lowest level since 2000, 14 January 2008
A sharp fall in building activity was seen in December, according to the latest survey on the sector.

Housing Turnabout , 13 January 2008
Spring is usually a busy period for estate agents, but this year activity looks like being much lower.

Housing starts slumped 47% in 2007, 04 January 2008
New figures indicate the number of new homes started last year fell by almost 47% compared with last year.

'First-time mortgage burden lower', 03 January 2008
Figures compiled by EBS Building Society and economic consultants DKM show that average first-time house buyers are paying a smaller proportion of their income.

Second-hand house prices down 6.8%, 02 January 2008
More figures released today show evidence of the continuing slowdown in the housing market.

Credit, mortgage growth at fresh lows, 31 December 2007
Growth in lending to Ireland's private sector was the weakest in four years in November.

The year the roof began to fall in, 28 December 2007
This was the year of the property shock. The house price boom could only ever last so long, but despite all the warnings, many consumers thought it would never end.

Irish mortgages second highest in eurozone table, 23 December 2007
Conflicting reports in the media predicting just about everything from a full-blown property crash to a miniboom next spring...

What will your property be worth this time next year?, 19 December 2007
Conflicting reports in the media predicting just about everything from a full-blown property crash to a miniboom next spring...

Christmas has come early for November house buyers, 07 December 2007
THOUSANDS of people will benefit from a Christmas bonus of between €2,750 and €28,750 thanks to the decision to backdate stamp duty reductions to house sales.

Santa Cowen Unwraps Stamp Duty Gift, 06 December 2007
Christmas arrived early yesterday for Irish house buyers when Santa Cowen unwrapped his Stamp Duty gift for the nation.

Property investment plummets by €2.1bn, 04 December 2007
Property investment took a hit in 2007 with €1.5bn spent compared with €3.6bn last year, according to Jones Lang LaSalle's end of year review and outlook.

Brokers urge a cut in stamp duty, 03 December 2007
A survey of Irish mortgage brokers has found they believe a cut in stamp duty in the Budget would be more effective than raising mortgage interest relief.

Property investors stay positive about market, 29 November 2007
The vast majority, or 93pc, of buy-to-let investors have no intention of selling their property and more than half are looking to buy more rental units, a new survey showed yesterday.

House price index starting to reflect reality, 26 November 2007
The latest data on Irish house prices confirm that the rate of decline accelerated in October.

Monthly sales of secondhand houses down by 50% on last year, 25 Nov 2007
Figures released by the Department of Finance reveal that the monthly sale of secondhand houses has slumped by more than 50 per cent this year.

Average national house prices declined by 1.3% in October, 23 Nov 2007
Average national house prices fell 1.3% in October - down by 4.7% in 12-month period: Market conditions dire as 10,000 new apartments remain unsold in Dublin area.

Key public sector workers are finding it difficult to afford housing, 19 Nov 2007
Key public sector workers - nurses, fire-fighters, Gardai and teachers - are still finding it difficult to afford housing in Ireland.

Increased Construction Costs Could Threaten House Building, 09 November 2007
A warning that builders may cut back on house building because of a possible 20pc increase in costs.

Ireland's property market pulls ahead of slowing UK, 07 November 2007
Irish property returns appear to be de-coupling from the UK after a month when the Emerald Isle delivered accelerating growth.

House prices fall for 7th month in a row - survey, 01 November 2007
House prices in Ireland fell for the seventh month in a row in September, bringing the total decline versus a year earlier to 2.8 per cent.

Private Sales faster than Agent Sales in UK, 01 November 2007
A recent UK survey by Alliance & Leicester has shown that selling your house privately with an FSBO* website (such as actually leads to a quicker sale than with an estate agent.

Residential mortgage lending growth plunged 30%, 31 October 2007
The Irish Central Bank reported today that the rate of expansion of private-sector credit (PSC)1 continued its downward trend in September.

The driving principles behind investing in property vehicles, 31 October 2007
Syndicated Investments: There is no end of property investment vehicles out there, but investors should bear in mind the basics of investing in property, says Bill Nowlan.

Slowing Contruction Sector Set To Hit Irish Economy, 23 October 2007
The Irish and Spanish economies, which are among the fastest growing in the euro region, will slow "significantly" next year as the construction boom fades and house prices fall.

House Hunters Willing to Shop For Loan Deals, Oct 20 2007
The days of frenetic house price growth have ended with supply and demand coming back in line reflecting changes in the market place.

First-Time Buyers 'Can Manage' Mortgages, 04 Oct 2007
The Irish Banking Federation release results of First Time Buyers survey.

IIB Sees 2.5% House Price Fall in 2007, 10 Sept 2007
House prices will fall by up to 2.5 per cent this year according to IIB Bank.

First-Time Buyers Confident , 27 Aug 2007
First-time buyers remain confident about the housing market, according to B of I.

Are Property Buyers Buying?, 11 July 2007
With speculation of further reductions in property prices, are property buyers ready to buy?

Soft Landing for Property Market, 10 July 2007
Extract from 'Markets First' by Jim Power, chief economist with Friends First.

Can You Be Your Own Auctioneer?, 30 June 2007
Extract from Bill Tyson's Money Talks, Sunday Tribune, June 2006

Property Prices Falling, 29 June 2007
Property prices have fallen for the third month in a row, and have dropped by 2.1% in the first five months of 2007.

Stamp Duty abolished for First Time Buyers, 20 June 2007
The government has abolished Stamp Duty for first time buyers on all properties purchased on or after March 31st 2007.

Agent's Fee Hike Sparks Reaction From House Sellers, 26 May 2007
HOUSE-sellers have been advised to shop around for the best deal when selling their home after a leading estate agent increased its fee by 50pc.


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