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Lakeside House for Sale, Mount Nugent Cavan : Overlooking Lough Sheelin
Lakeside House
Mount Nugent
Co. Cavan
House for Sale in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare.
Co. Kildare
5 Bed, 5 Bath
House for Sale in Greencastle, Co. Donegal.
Co. Donegal
6 Bed, 4 Bath
House for Sale in Greencastle, Co. Donegal.
Co. Donegal
4 Bed, 3 Bath
House for Sale in Liscannor, Clare.
Co. Clare
1 Bed Apartment
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Are you looking for an Estate Agent in Leitrim? Have you considered selling your property without an estate agent? Many property owners across Ireland have chosen to sell their property without using an estate agent and use the services of instead.

The benefits of selling property without an estate agent are numerous. In these recessionary times one of the most attractive benefits of cutting out the estate agent is that you save thousands on the estate agent's commission. However a recent survey by has shown that the majority of our clients use our services in order to have more control over their property sale.

It is interesting to note that (which is an 'estate agent only' website) say the following on their website in relation to Selling Without an Agent:

"The number of independent property sales is starting to rise as the number of property websites increase. Apartments and properties in housing estates are easier to sell online, especially if you live in a popular area where you can be sure of strong demand. Although more than 95% of people selling residential property in Ireland use an estate agent, with a similar situation in Britain, in many areas of Europe, and in New Zealand, millions of people handle the sale themselves. Saving yourself a big chunk of money, especially if you are moving to a more expensive house, would be very welcome for a lot of people so going it alone might be something to consider?"

The following is a list of property in Leitrim where the property owners have chosen to sell without an estate agent. You can also click here to find the most up to date list of property for sale in Leitrim Ireland.

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